Lavecchia Oversize jeans to gr.66

A highlight in the plus-size sector are our men's jeans from trendy to klassisch.Mit this High quality XXL Jeans of Lavecchia be exclusive Plus Size Jeans Finally Affordable.

XXL jeans plus sizes for strong men

Tasteful design and chic sections apply in the Big-Fashion Shop for jacket and trousers. If you are looking for a range of sizes jeans or XXL sweatshirts, which offers numerous opportunities for personal expression, you are right here. Register now as a new customer, and you can shop to your heart's content!

XXL Comfortable jeans for strong men.

The high quality standards you can feel at Tragen.Die pants consist 100% best cotton / Denim.Auch the somewhat stronger man does not renounce Fashion. The jeans collection of Lavecchia proves this impressively.

Free delivery this XXL jeans within Germany from a value of 50 €

The origin were pants cotton, who came from the area around the Italian city of Genoa in the USA. From the French form of the city name "Gênes" made the American vernacular the word "jeans". Levi Strauss, who was born in Franconia and emigrants 1847 went to San Francisco, made for gold mining sturdy workwear, the "Gênes" from the fabric "Serge de Nimes" (Tissue from the city of Nîmes), Men's Denim Jeans.

Ordered today “Man” his jeans at Big Man Fashion

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