New: XXL Sweatshirt LV-2100

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XXL Sweatshirt LV-2100 Schwarz

News XXL sweatshirt LV-2100 Black with cuffs on arm- and end of the fuselage.

The XXL sweatshirt has a discreet inside breast pocket, which is closed with a zipper kann.Der collar is open from the inside of a second color and can be adjusted by a zipper from Polo to Rolli.

This Oversize sweatshirt from an easy-care cotton mix in softed Washed-quality promises a soft feel, It is comfortable and lightweight on the skin,and keeps toasty.

Trendy in processing and consuming in the details.


XXL sweatshirt LV-2100 Black to 8XL - made for strong men


Great fashion for men slightly stronger!

90% best cotton & 10% Polyester.

Topstylisches XXL Sweatshirt LV-2100 Schwarz,

the one by the pleasant wearing comfort

is real highlight in the plus-size sector.